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     With past 13 years  marketing experiences, Hwachin is very familiar with plactic and mould standards . At present, our range is from mobile phone cases, automotive parts, digital products to home appliances etc. 
     Based on the successful endeavor in plastic & molding industry, Hwachin will keep developing and improving the service for customers to offer the best quality product, reasonable price and shorter lead time. Our focus has always been to established long-term relationship with our customer. We believe nice communication in time and perfect service will bring us a luciferous future.

Over 13 years rich experience for moldmaking and injection molding enables us to make wonderful products with
Attractive appearance
Stable performance
Long Lifetime
Excellent structure

A "Innovative, Cooperative, Reputation and Upward" HC team is great asset to our company. We achieve customer expectation and even beyond customer expectation through,
Top Quality
High Precision
Fast Delivery
Competitive Price