Spark formation in the auto mould steel processing

Click:961   Date:2018-07-02 14:39:30

      Steel samples by high-speed rotating wheel grinding, ground crumbs like particles, and fiercely along the tangential direction of the grinding wheel rotating forward ejections. Steel particles with a certain temperature, the oxygen in the air intense oxidation, disheartened by the degree of a sharp rise in steel particles formed on the surface of a layer of solid FeO film (2 Fe + O2 -> 2FeO). As the steel particles containing carbon at high temperatures, carbon easily combines with oxygen to generate carbon monoxide (FeO + C -> Fe + Co), iron is restored. Then restore the iron was again air oxidation, and then once again be restored. This reaction is repeated so that the internal accumulation of a considerable amount of CO gas. Initially, the solid FeO film bound Co gas to escape, when the expansion is greater than the film tension, CO to break the constraints of the surface oxide film, the steel particles were crushed like escape, showing like popcorn. High-temperature steel particles distributed in the wheel next to the track, is felt by the human eye a bright line (flow line) and bright flowers (popcorn).

  The flow lines and the color of the popcorn (color shading) Characterization of the steel particles in the dissemination of the temperature. The higher the temperature, the fire bouquets of color, the more tends to bright (was yellow and white, bright white), on the contrary, the fire bouquet of color darker (dark red). However, heat of steel particles get is not simply the generation of carbon monoxide, but also by the impact of various factors, so the fire bouquets of color not only with the level of carbon content, steel alloying element content, the oxidation resistance of the steel particles and the degree of oxidation and other factors.